Abha Jeurkar

Junior Associate

Email: [email protected]

Abha comes with over 12 years of experience in both the education and the youth sector in India. Over this time, she has worked as a teacher, youth facilitator as well as a researcher. She has an MPhil in Education and wrote her thesis on the learning experiences of children from linguistic minority communities. She is also a certified trainer of ‘Play for Peace’, a methodology that uses inclusive and non-competitive games to build laughter, compassion, and peace. One of her most challenging experiences as a Play for Peace facilitator has been in the refugee camps of Greece; it inspires her and keeps her humble. She has also worked with several organisations advocating for child rights and holds a diploma in child rights law. 

In the UK, Abha works part-time with CfEY as a research associate and works with Oxfam’s Policy and Advocacy team for the rest of the week. She is keen to complement her specialised knowledge of the education and youth sector with a broad understanding of socio-political issues that impact the lives of children and young people. She has varied interests including child rights, equity and inclusion, multilingual education, climate and environmental issues among others. 

Abha enjoys growing food, fixing bicycles and volunteering with the climate movement. 

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