Bart Crisp

Head of Research

Phone: +44 7817 532322
Email: [email protected]

Bart Crisp is Head of Research at The Centre for Education and Youth.

Bart has worked for the better part of a decade on promoting high-quality education research and evaluation, focused relentlessly on using evidence to improve the life chances and attainment of children and young people. Bart’s work has covered a diverse array of topics, in terms of designing and conducting research, supporting professional practice, and advising policymakers on key lessons from research and how to design to take them into account. Educational topics Bart has worked on include literacy teaching (particularly for learners facing disadvantage), the use of the arts such as singing and dance in teaching & learning, film education, teacher professional development, and international & comparative educational policymaking.

Bart also has extensive experience in designing tools and resources to support embedding professional learning into pedagogical practice, and has been involved in the creation of multiple systems for providing these tools to educational practitioners, including whole school improvement-focused evaluations (SKEIN Momentum), targeted practice development (Research Route Maps) and a variety of leadership-focused projects such as Peer Review for School Improvement in Lincolnshire.

Publications Bart has authored or contributed to include Developing Great TeachingDeveloping Great Leadership of CPDLConstructing Teachers’ Professional Identities, Closing the Gap and professional learning – two targets for a national project (published in Mobilising Teacher Researchers, Childs, A. and Menter, I., Routledge, 2017)and Professional learning and recruitment and retention: what global regions can tell us (published in Exploring teacher recruitment and retention, Ovenden-Hope, T., and Passy, R., Routledge, 2021)

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