Vanessa Joshua

Junior Associate​

Phone: +44 7538 724350
Email: [email protected]

Vanessa has a BA in History, and is currently completing an MA in Global Ethics and Human Values. Previously she worked as a teaching assistant in primary and secondary schools. Her personal experience of permanent exclusion, and work with children with special educational needs and disabilities, has fuelled her passion for supporting better access to quality education for vulnerable children and young people.

Vanessa has recently worked on an evaluation of a programme focused on reducing harm from gambling addiction and she is currently working on a project exploring cross-service collaboration in Rochdale, as well as a project for Kings College London exploring university participation among young people with insecure immigration status. Prior to joining the team at CfEY Vanessa worked at the Centre for Social Justice, researching school exclusions and approaches to improving the quality of alternative provision. Vanessa’s research focused in particular on the relationship between ethnicity and exclusion.

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