We are the think and action-tank for education and youth

We believe society should ensure all children and young people receive the support they need to make a fulfilling transition to adulthood. We work towards this belief by articulating a vision for a society which does so, inspiring a desire to pursue it and enabling organisations to achieve it.

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Making youth work work: reflecting on policy and practice

While studying for my degree in youth and community work, I worked part-time as a Teaching Assistant, spending my time going between university, schools and youth clubs. Years later, one of the attractions of working at The Centre for Education and Youth (CfEY) was the space it occupied – education and youth – understanding that…


Waving bye to CfEY

Today I’m moving on from the Centre for Education and Youth. Reassured by all the research I’ve done over the years on how people formulate and pursue their occupational aspirations, and how it’s normal for our plans for the future to sometimes be loosely defined or unclear, I’m embracing the fact that I don’t currently…


Supporting young people in Bucks

Today, we are pleased to publish a report from our consultation for the Rothschild Foundation, which explores the challenges and opportunities that 16-25 year-olds in Bucks face as they transition to adulthood. Following the publication of our interim report back in June 2021, this consultation report is the culmination of several months of fieldwork, during…