How can London attract and retain great teachers?

1st February 2018

At LKMco we care about ensuring all our young people receive a great education. That starts with their teachers.

If you are reading this, we know that you feel the same way and we’d love your help with some of our current research.

The Greater London Authority has commissioned LKMco to undertake a project to find out what is needed to ensure that London’s schools can attract and retain great teachers. We are also happy to hear from those who no longer teach in London.

The project includes a short survey of those with a close interest in teacher recruitment and retention. This will help ensure that our findings are truly evidence based. We are interested in responses from:

  • current teachers
  • trainee teachers
  • former teachers
  • people who have considered teaching but decided not to
  • people who have left teaching

We would hugely appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete the survey  now – as the survey will close on the 11th of February 2018

The more responses we receive, the better our research will be. So please forward the survey, or this blog post, to your personal and professional networks.  We would also encourage you to share the survey on social media.