Discussing young people’s mental health: Schools’ Week highlights our roundtable

24th March 2018

We recently worked with Minds Ahead to host a much-needed roundtable in Parliament to discuss the gaps in mental health support for young people.

Schools’ Week’s recent report draws attention to sector experts’ comments about a lack of sufficient professional expertise in regards to young people’s mental health, meaning that schools and young people are not getting the support they desperately need. Over 90% of mental health professionals are trained in adult mental health, leaving a shortage of support for young people.

Responses will inform our upcoming report and help us to understand more about what needs to change in order to effectively support young people. As Loic explained: “so many of the issues we explore in our research trace their origin back to a youth mental health crisis that has been neglected for too long. Today’s session was an attempt to tackle the underlying issues head-on.”