Are schools too soft? CfEY’s Head of Policy debates the topic on GB News


7th June 2023

CfEY’s Head of Policy, Baz Ramaiah, joined Eamon Holmes and Isabel Webster on GB News’ morning show to debate whether schools are “too soft on children”, leading to challenging behaviour in the classroom. In opposition to fellow panellist and former headteacher, Chris McGovern, Baz made the case that if behaviour is challenging, then we need to deal with the root cause not just the symptoms:

“It’s very easy to say schools are soft, but the reality is that the world young people live in is hard and has only been getting harder. The number of children growing up in food poverty in this country has doubled in the last year – we now have 4 million children in this country going in to school hungry every day. How can we expect good behaviour from young people who are starving?”