List of Designated Teaching Schools

8th September 2011

Below is a list of the first round of Teaching Schools designated by the National College.

L.K.M Consulting supports the teaching schools policy but believes that it needs to be very carefully implemented if its potential impact is to be realised (see: “In Praise of Teaching Schools”)
We have used our experience of School Based Teacher Training and Continuing Professional Development to work with schools on their plans to become Teaching Schools.
We offer a range of professional development programs which fit with the Teaching Schools approach including:
1. Mentoring and Coaching
2. “Step up to Leadership”: A program for teachers early on in their career (trainee, NQT or RQT) who show the potential for acceleration to leadership helping them understand the opportunities offered by leadership and to gain the skills they need for rapid career progression (managing others, understanding data, observing and feeding back etc.)
3. “4-3-2-1”: Raising the standard of teaching through training to observe and feedback
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