Stepping back from the brink: LKMco welcomes Queens Speech grammars back-track

21st June 2017

LKMco welcomes the government’s decision to “step back from the brink” on grammars by omitting legislation on grammar schools from the Queens’ Speech.

Speaking in response to the news, Director Loic Menzies said:

“We welcome the government’s decision to step back from the brink. All the evidence shows that opening new grammar schools would be a step in the wrong direction. The education and research communities have come together and made the case for comprehensive education loudly and clearly. I am therefore delighted that the government appears to have listened and learned.”

“Our own response to the government’s consultation showed that far from closing the gap and accelerating social mobility, grammar schools do exactly the opposite. Meanwhile our blogs have consistently challenged the government’s flawed evidence and potentially catastrophic policy.”

“Despite this, we must not be complacent. LKMco will therefore be alert to and challenge any move to expand selection via the back door.”