Join our virtual reading group


20th March 2020

We’ve been holding a weekly CfEY reading time for a few months now.

Each Thursday a few of the team get together virtually to read and discuss literature relevant to our work. It’s a great space to make sure that we keep reading (even when things are busy), and to discuss methods, findings and links to other work with our colleagues.

With more people working from home due to the current C19 situation, we’re opening up reading time over the next few weeks to anyone who would like to join us!

How does it work?

Before reading time starts, it’s useful to find the thing that you plan to read. There’s no set theme, other than education and youth (it’s kind of our thing), and we’re not fussy about what type of reading you do – it could be an article, a piece of research, a chapter of a book or some grey literature.

We kick off the session at 2pm with a quick zoom call to see who’s joining us and what everyone is reading. Then we go and read! This is usually for about 40 minutes, but the initial call is useful to set out timings.

At around 2:45pm we regroup on zoom, and each take 10 minutes to discuss our reading. We usually try to structure this by having 5 minutes to tell everyone about what you read, and 5 minutes to discuss thoughts as a group.

Would you like to join us?

Great! Drop me an email and I’ll email you each week with the Zoom link for that weeks’ call. If you’re unable to make it then that’s fine, this is a casual ‘join us when you’re able to’ setup.

See you next Thursday!