Lessons From Sweden – Society, Systems, Schools and Classrooms

21st May 2011

Final presentation to Malmo City Hall by TeachFirst Ambassadors Taskforce 2011. The presentation is in four parts examining society, systems, schools and classrooms in Sweden. Topics include Free Schools, Teaching and Learning, Accountability and School Choice.


Click here for presentation on Society and Systems (mainly NOT in Swedish!)


Click here for presentation on Schools and Classrooms

Many thanks to all the ambassadors who contributed to the presentations  (Pedram Parasmand, Tim Davis, Rebecca Cramer, Emma Whitehead, Anne-Claire Edynbry, Rebecca Dudley, Ben Keeley, Briar Lipson, Hannah Cheetham, Harry Fletcher-Wood, Isabel Fuggle, Jennifer Brenneman, John Roberts, Laura Alldred, Loic Menzies, Max Haimendorf, Olivia Hills, Ruth Carney, Sarah Jones, Shiraz Lafhaj, William Lau and Maria Turisoo)