6 Predictable Failures: E-book

17th December 2011

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“The 6 Predictable Failures of Free Schools… and how to avoid them” draws on the research of American academic Seymour Sarason to identify the key challenges faced by Charter and Free Schools. It explores the most common pitfalls and lays out clear recommendations for potential founders on how to avoid them.

“Extremely Useful. ‘The 6 Predictable Failures…” certainly changed my thinking and helped me to clarify my plans. This report is essential reading for anyone thinking about setting up a Free School and for all those interested in the debate”

  • Adam Nichols, CEO Changemakers Foundation and Director, Harpenden Free School

“Anyone who is interested in free schools policy, and indeed in the development of successful educational policies, should read this report. It’s readable, practical and unbiased. This kind of short publication which gives educational practitioners a practical and focused overview of relevant research is hugely useful.” 

  • Catriona Maclay (reader)

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