#UnionBecause – Why @kalinski1970 joined a union

23rd January 2012

@kalinski1970 adds his voice (if not his face) to the #UnionBecause debate.

In this video @kalinski1970 tells us why he joined a union and why he eventually chose ASCL.

If you are a teacher or school leader please take a minute to contribute to our research.

Complete the #UnionBecause survey now!

The survey will be the first stage in our research which will also include a series of detailed interviews with a sample of teachers and heads (you can also volunteer to participate in that when you complete the survey or by emailing [email protected]).

We’re going to be finding out:

– Why teachers and school leaders join unions
– How
they chose their union
– How they feel about their union
– What happens with teachers who aren’t in unions or work in independent schools
– What sort of experiences head teachers have of working unions

The research is being funded by edapt and will culminate in a report published at the start of May, so watch this space! We’ll also be releasing a few more #UnionBecause videos later this week.

Get involved
– Complete the survey
– Record your own #UnionBecause video on your webcam/laptop-camera/phone etc. Tell us who you are and why you are/are not in a union then upload it to YouTube with #UnionBecause (make sure you email us [email protected] tweet us so we know to link to it).