Social Impact Report 2012-13

25th June 2014

Every year, we assess the impact we are having towards our vision and we invite the people we interact with to give us feedback on the work we do and how we go about it. We are delighted to report that last year:

  • 93% of respondents said that we had impacted on them in some way and we impacted on 41% of people in our nine or more of our Key Performance Indicators.
  • Over 75% said that we had a “significant” or “transformative” impact on them, an increase of nearly 25 percentage points from last year.
  • Over 90% of respondents considered at least one area of the different ways we offer support very useful and almost half considered at least one area priceless.

Many thanks to all those that contributed. This report is instrumental in our planning for the year ahead so we really do appreciate your feedback.

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