Why teach?

26th June 2015

At the 2015 Festival of Education LKMco and Pearson launched our exciting new project “Why Teach?” by asking festival goers why they went into teaching and what advice they would give themselves on their first day in the classroom.

Whilst some teachers were inspired by their teachers, others went into the profession after watching their own children growing up. Top tips included:

  • “Believe in yourself, stand up, take charge: it’s your classroom”
  • “Some days are bad but the good days far outweigh the bad days”

You can watch the full set of videos here

Why Teach is a major research project that we are working on in partnership with Pearson. We have carried out a national survey of teachers to understand:

  • Why they went into teaching
  • Why they have stayed in teaching
  • Why they teach in the area they currently teach in and what would encourage them to teach elsewhere
  • Whether they are considering leaving teaching and why
  • What has helped them become a better teacher

Over the next few months we will also be carrying out in depth studies featuring a range of contrasting areas of the country.

We look forward to publishing our final report in October. You can find out more by signing up for our newsletter or contacting us.