Cleverlands: Inside the world’s best classrooms

22nd July 2015

I’ve been a skeptic of much PISA based policy tourism for a while. Back in 2012 I highlighted “The curious case of PISA and suicide” whereby no country seemed to outperform England in PISA without also having a higher suicide rate. More recently I’ve been somewhat obsessed with John Jerrim’s work showing that Asian country’s PISA performance is not quite as impressive if you compare it to the scores achieved by Asian pupils elsewhere in the world.


I’m therefore very excited about a forthcoming book by Lucy Crehan which promises to go behind the numbers and share what she saw whilst working in classrooms across the world’s top performing systems.

Lucy is crowd-funding her book and the LKMco team were all very keen to support her so we’ve pledged £200 to her campaign. If you take a look at her video I think you’ll understand why.

I’d like to challenge edu-geeks around the world to match our donation and support Lucy today!