Why Teach? Tackling the recruitment and retention crisis

16th February 2016

As teacher recruitment gets tougher the need for evidence on how schools and policy makers can attract and retain teachers gets greater. LKMco and Pearson have therefore worked with CAM Productions to put together a short film featuring teachers and leaders from around the country as well as key findings from the major study “Why Teach?”

We hope that the film will arm schools and policy makers with practical ways of responding to a tough recruitment environment.

Amongst other things the film highlights:

  • A head of department entering his forth year of teaching, who, as a ‘practitioner’ believes that continuing his hands-on classroom teaching alongside leadership is key to keeping him engaged
  • Head teachers working hard to buck the trend of teachers leaving due to to poor leadership and management
  • Schools proactively seeking ‘super social’ teachers who are willing to move around the country to transform society

Pearson and LKMco’s “Why Teach?” quiz has been hugely popular, attracting almost 50,000 hits since it launched in October. There’s therefore no doubt that this is an area of huge and growing interest for teachers and leaders around the country.