The Education White Paper: Educational excellence… in pictures

17th March 2016

Today’s education White Paper is quite long. But fortunately there are quite a lot of pictures in there. So in this blog I go all buzzfeed and present a few visual highlights.

Picture 1: A self improving system

Picture 1

A self improving system needs capacity to improve. The DfE recognises this is missing in many areas of low performance and it’s not just an urban-rural issue. Areas surrounding Northampton, Derby, Peterborough, Kingston upon Hull, Blackpool and Walsall stand out too.


Picture 2: Access to Initial Teacher Training

ITTSchools in many areas lack access to ITT. These are predominantly The Lake District, the Southwest, the Welsh borders, The Wash and Norfolk coast, areas due south of Stockton, East Sussex/West Kent and much of Essex. As Chris Husbands pointed out, this one does look like a bit of a rural-urban phenomenon

Pictures 3 and 4: Leadership in Primaries and Secondaries

Primary and secondary leadership

At first glance these two pictures look quite similar but the mysterious pattern whereby primary and
secondary schools in the North East achieve very differently is clear.


Picture 5: Progression through the profession


All paths lead to headship. This is a shame. Even if it’s not the intention it suggests that subject or classroom expertise is not a valid route leadership route and that progress depends on moving away from the classroom.

Picture 6: Availability of sponsors


Sponsors go north!

Look at that band from Liverpool to Kingston on Hull. What’s going on?


Picture 7: What’s next?

Blimey! These guys are going to be busy!