How high-performing schools create a positive culture – sector press picks up our report for the DfE

17th October 2018

Last month we published a report on school cultures and practices that support the attainment of disadvantaged pupils, commissioned by the Department for Education. We’re delighted to see the report being picked up in the sector press, and hope this will encourage teachers and school leaders up and down the country to consider our findings.

The report sets out in detail how subtle differences in school culture can be pinned down, and identifies the key practices that lie behind the distinctive culture of high-performing schools.

Writing for Primary School Management, Dr. Sam Baars said:

”We spent hours observing dozens of classrooms, playgrounds and dinner halls, which allowed us to make detailed insights into schools’ cultures and practices, and how these are perceived and embodied by staff, pupils and parents.”

”Compared to lower-performing schools, we found that high-performing schools believed more firmly that their practices would have an impact, for instance in relation to attendance, behaviour, and parental aspirations and expectations.”

”High-performing schools also worked hard to ensure a positive culture reached every corner of their school. For instance, all teaching and non-teaching staff held high expectations of behaviour everywhere, not just in the classroom.”

You can access the full report, and a shorter Research Brief, on the DfE website.