World Education Summit 2023


20th March 2023

CfEY CEO Joe Hallgarten, Director of Research and Operations Ellie Mulcahy, and Associate Anamaria Granada gave presentations on:

One Step Beyond Your National Curriculum: For Primary Schools
Joe discussed two emerging approaches for primary schools that go beyond the national curriculum: The Explorer Curriculum and The Primary Extended Project Award.

The Explorer Curriculum, developed with the LETTA MAT, is a weekly programme where children are in mixed age groups, collaborating to achieve ‘badges’ that use outdoors, the local neighbourhood and other parts of London as resources for learning. All school staff, (as well as parents and others in our community), are involved, and older pupils are given genuine leadership responsibilities.
The Primary Extended Project Award was designed by CfEY in partnership with the Big Education MAT and with support from NCFE. It provides a structured opportunity for Year 5-6 children to take part in an extended project based on addressing challenges that they shape themselves, presenting this through a variety of media. The PEPA is an assessed award where children will receive meaningful, formative feedback from a wide variety of people. You can read CfEY’s report here.

Diversity Meets Complexity: Supporting young people to thrive in post-16 education
Ellie and Anamaria discussed CfEY’s report with The Service Children’s Progression Alliance (SCiP), exploring Armed Forces young people’s educational experiences between the ages of 16 and 19 across England, Scotland and Wales. They explained that CfEY found that young people in 16-19 education are more likely to have needs arising as a result of factors related to Armed Forces life. In addition, this work identified system-level barriers which impact their educational experiences and the likelihood that 16-19 education settings can effectively support them. CfEY developed two overarching recommendations for driving positive change: a call for post-16 funding and a UK-wide data system. You can read CfEY’s report here.

Catalysing Social and Emotional Learning
Anamaria spoke about CfEY’s report CfEY’s state of the nation report on social and emotional learning (SEL) in schools in England, with Impetus. SEL refers to the life-long process of developing socio-emotional and behavioural skills to manage internal emotional states, and navigate the social world. CfEY explored SEL and attainment, the role of schools, policy and practice, and the Covid impact. We proposed a systems-thinking approach to bring coherence to the SEL agenda, followed by recommendations for coalition building, school and teacher development, evidence and further research. You can read CfEY’s report here.

The event had 30,000+ registrants, 426 speakers, 422 sessions, and spanned 87+ countries. It was hosted by Osiris Educational and Tes.