An end to a wonderful era


4th August 2023

After more than three amazing years at CfEY, I’m leaving to start a training contract to become a solicitor. I’m feeling a weird mixture of excitement about the next steps, and a lot of sadness about leaving the best bunch of people (they’re honestly wonderful – I’m not even being paid to say this anymore!).

I want to give a massive thank you to Loic for believing in my ability as a researcher, even when I had limited experience, and to the team more widely for being supportive and kind throughout. Of course, shout out to Will and Alix for being the best line managers EVER – I would have crumbled without both of your support!

Here are my top five things I’ve enjoyed:

  1. Developing the first CfEY Work Experience Programme: Nothing gives me joy more than seeing young people grow as individuals and develop their skills. It’s truly been fantastic to see three cohorts of young people complete the programme.
  2. Travelling around the UK on fieldwork: The work done by teachers, teaching assistants, youth workers and everyone else working with young people is so inspiring. Every time I visited a school or college, I left feeling nothing short of total admiration for all that they do.
  3. Conducting some fascinating research: While I shouldn’t have favourites, I just can’t help myself! Some of my top pieces have been on how immigration status impacts access to HE, and the benefits of public legal education for young people.
  4. Our recent Celebration of Resilience and Recovery event: The panel, the keynote speaker, the venue – all awe inspiring! The team at CfEY – particularly, Alix, Lee-Ann, Baz and Terry – put so much work into pulling this event together and it was such a huge success.
  5. Our days out! No one does an away day better than CfEY. From camping to Paris to making pandemic curries on Zoom. The team really knows how to have a good time!

Thank you CfEY and all the amazing people I’ve met throughout my time here.