Conor Carleton

Junior Associate

Phone: +44 7518 721712
Email: [email protected]

Conor joins CfEY fresh from working in research and community engagement within the health and social care sector. His work primarily focused on ensuring that conversations around service design and delivery included perspectives from diverse local communities. Projects included research into vaccine hesitancy within Bangladeshi communities in West London; co-designing recommendations on what the future of home care and reablement services could look like in the City of Westminster; and exploring the implications of online triage services for people with disabilities.
Conor brings this wealth of experience to CfEY, focussing on ensuring that people whose experiences are often marginalised in discussions around education and youth have opportunities to influence future changes.
Conor holds a BA in History and Politics from the University of Oxford and an MSc in History from the University of Edinburgh, where his dissertation explored the relationship between community reconciliation and tourism in post-conflict Belfast.

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