Written By:

Phil Yeeles

Research Associate


Phil has explored the experiences of young homeless people in conjunction with New Horizons Youth Centre; has dived into youth social action, and the ideology and culture shifts associated with it; and has researched how practitioners’ perceptions of vocabulary affect the experiences of marginalised groups of pupils at the primary-secondary transition.

Phil has been working and volunteering in education since 2007, and read Computer Science at the University of Cambridge. Following that, he became a teaching assistant, completed his PGCE at the IOE, and was a primary school teacher for five years in Cambridge. He has been an active trade unionist for his entire career, serving on the NEU New Professionals’ and Young Workers’ National Council and as a union delegate to Cuba. As a teacher, he participated in the STEP4SEAs project, implementing Dialogic Literary Gatherings in the classroom to encourage critical engagement with literature, developing both literacy skills and critical consciousness. Phil is especially interested in trade unionism, critical pedagogy and computing education. He is an editor at Education for Tomorrow, and an occasional contributor to the Morning Star.