#012 – The Life Pedagogic: Lucy Kellaway

30th November 2023

The Youth and Education Podcast is delighted to welcome Lucy Kellaway to share her Life Pedagogic.

In July 2017, shortly after her 58th birthday, Lucy Kellaway quit what she described as ‘the world’s nicest job’ as a columnist and reporter for the Financial Times, to train as a maths teacher in an inner-London school.

She left a job where she had autonomy, nice colleagues, and the freedom to write about whatever interested her to go right back to the beginning and start a whole new journey. She was so invested in her decision to change direction, that she also co-founded Now Teach, and organisation designed to encourage others to take similarly bold moves in their own lives.

In this episode of the Life Pedagogic, Alix and Lucy discuss:

  • The Prime Minister’s plans for ‘maths to 18’
  • Growing up in Camden as the daughter of a teacher
  • Starting out work as a journalist
  • Retraining and entering the classroom as a maths teacher in inner-London secondary school Mossbourne Community Academy
  • Moving on to teach economics in the North East
  • Launching Now Teach and Lucy’s top advice for later stage career changers

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