#021 – Natasha Porter: Why should society care about prisoners?

7th June 2018

#021 – Natasha Porter: Why Should Society Care About Prisoners

In this episode Iesha and Anna talk to Natasha Porter and Sarah Pearson from Unlocked Grads about why society should care about prisoners. Iesha, Natasha, Sarah and Anna discuss the Unlocked Grads scheme which trains top graduates as Prison Officers; Natasha’s career in education; her journey to setting up a charity; the lack of political will to improve conditions for prisoners and why Natasha believes business leaders should hire former prisoners.

In this episode Iesha, Anna, Natasha and Sarah:

  • Explain the need for the Unlocked Grads scheme
  • Explore the story behind the name ‘Unlocked Grads’
  • Reflect on Natasha’s career in teaching and education policy
  • Discuss why being a teacher is a privilege
  • Explore what Natasha disliked about working in education policy
  • Reveal why Natasha is passionate about working in prisons
  • Examine the lack of political will to improve prisons
  • Highlight the impact you can have by working for the prison service
  • Consider the links between schools and prisons
  • Reveal how prisons are helping to support families
  • Highlight that 200,000 children a year have a parent in prison
  • Discuss the power of parents reading to their children
  • Chew over Natasha’s number one policy ask in relation to prisons
  • Examine why education is the key for tackling crime

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