#028 – Dr Sam Baars and Iesha Small: Research roundup

6th December 2018

In this episode, Sam and Iesha talk through three pieces of research that hold particular interest for them:

In this episode Sam and Iesha:

  • Talk about what interested them about these particular pieces of research
  • Discuss the new SEND framework introduced in 2014
  • Look at how children’s perspectives have been included
  • Explore the variability in the ‘quality’ of the methods used to capture children’s views
  • Shared their ethical reservations around the consent sought from participants
  • Talked about mental illness and behavioural disorder rates in young people
  • Identify mental illness as being much worse amongst LGBT teenagers
  • Explain that one piece looked at pre-school children’s mental illness rates for the first time
  • Identify the strong link between poverty and poor mental health
  • Look at where the gaps are between ethnic groups and boys and girls’ mental health
  • Talk about the difficulty in comparing performance data of infant schools and primary schools because KS1 and KS2 results are systematically different
  • Look at what happened when KS1 assessment switched from externally marked tests to teacher assessment

Resources/people featured or mentioned:

Clarification re the end of KS2 tests (TA assessed of not?)


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