#039 Research Roundup – Abi Angus: Queer Eye for The Curriculae

29th February 2020

#039 Research Roundup – Abi Angus: Queer Eye for The Curriculae

This month marks the launch of our refreshed Research Roundup series of podcasts, which will now be led by Phil Yeeles, a member of the CfEY research team.  In his premier episode, Phil tackles the topic of Sex and Relationships Education with fellow CfEY researcher, Abi Angus. Abi is an expert in this area, having recently completed an MA looking at SRE through the lens of Queer Theory.

In this episode, Abi and Phil discuss:

  • What young people want to know about sex and relationships
  • How LGBTQ+ young people are supported, included and represented in SRE
  • Stigma and stereotypes
  • Gender and sexuality as a spectrum
  • Information on physical health and healthy relationships
  • What is Queer Theory?
  • The new DfE guidance for school on SRE
  • SRE and culture clashes
  • How SRE might be improved in the future

Resources/people featured or mentioned:

  • Forrest, S. et al. (2004). ‘What do young people want from sex education: The results of a needs assessment from a peer-led sex education programme’. In Culture, Health and Sexuality, 6(4).
  • Gowen, L. K. and Winges-Yanez, N. (2014). ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning Youths’ perspectives of inclusive school-based sexuality education’. In Journal of Sex Research, 51(7), pp. 788–800.
  • ‘Queer Eye for The Curriculae: What would young people want and need to learn within queer theory based Sex and Relationships Education?’ Abi Angus, Dissertation – Kings College MA in Education, Policy and Society, 2019.

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