LKMco is now the Centre for Education and Youth! Find out why we changed our name…

We are the think and action-tank for education and youth

We believe society should ensure all children and young people receive the support they need to make a fulfilling transition to adulthood. We work towards this belief by articulating a vision for a society which does so, inspiring a desire to pursue it and enabling organisations to achieve it.

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Big questions over the quality of alternative provision

New analysis by The Centre for Education and Youth reveals that previous research may have underestimated the proportion of our most vulnerable and challenging pupils educated in grade 3 or 4 settings. Until now, figures have generally referred to the proportion of institutions judged good or outstanding. Figure four from State-funded schools inspections and outcomes as at…

We’re recruiting!

It’s an exciting time to join The Centre for Education and Youth! In September we celebrated LKMco’s 10th birthday and, in announcing our new name, set out our plans to redouble our efforts to ensure society supports all children and young people to make a fulfilling transition to adulthood. We are now looking for up…


Key findings from EPI’s report on unexplained pupil moves

This month the Education Policy Institute released a detailed report about ‘unexplained pupil exits’ from schools in England, highlighting the 10.1% of students who leave their school without the paper trail or oversight that comes with either a permanent exclusion or a family decision to move school. In this blog we look specifically at which…


Schools Week profiles CfEY Chief Exec Loic Menzies

Following the excitement of our tenth birthday party and rebrand in September, our one-of-a-kind Chief Executive Loic Menzies has been profiled in School Week. The interview, by JL Dutaut, explored Loic’s journey from Newham Croft primary in Cambridge through volunteering in youth work, to studying PPE at Oxford and becoming a citizenship teacher with Teach…