#001 – Bart Shaw: Poor Pupil’s Progress at Secondary School

30th April 2017

In this episode of the LKMco Education and Youth Podcast, Iesha talks to colleague, Bart Shaw. Bart is a researcher, former teacher and civil servant who lives in Sheffield.

They discuss Bart’s recent Social Mobility Commission report on poor pupils’ progress at secondary school.

In this podcast Bart shares…

  • What he wishes he had known from this report when he was a teacher himself.
  • How his background as a former geography teacher in rural Derbyshire and as a civil servant affects his approach to research.
  • What Social Mobility means to him.
  • Why poor children who beat the odds by achieving well at primary school fall back at secondary school.
  • The complex interactions between ethnicity and poverty.
  • The corrosive effect on poor children of putting them in ability sets or streams.

Iesha also quizzes Bart on what he would do if he were Education Secretary for the day and learns a bit of Northern-speak.

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