#001 – The Life Pedagogic: Sir Tim Brighouse

25th February 2022

CfEY is delighted to announce the first episode in our second new podcast series The Life Pedagogic, hosted by CfEY Associate Baz Ramaiah.

This new series of CfEY’s Youth and Education Podcast will feature interviews with the giants of the education and youth world, providing insights into their lives, careers and what they have learned about improving young people’s experiences.

In this premier episode, Baz speaks to school improvement icon Sir Tim Brighouse. Sir Tim’s impressive career has spanned roles as a school secondary teacher, deputy headteacher, Professor of Education at Keele University, Chief Education Officer in both Oxfordshire and Birmingham Local Authorities, Schools Commissioner for London, and Chief Adviser for London Schools.

Baz and Sir Tim discuss:

  • Sir Tim’s new book on what can be learned today from the recent history
    of education policy
  • How a traumatic experience gave Sir Tim his passion for schools from an
    early age
  • How attitudes to school improvement have changed over time
  • Suing a Secretary of State and what Sir Tim did with the money he won
  • The impact of London Challenge and why it was so successful

This episode is sponsored by Up Learn, an online, curriculum-learning resource for A Levels that helps schools improve student grades and reduce teacher workloads.

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