#002 – Research Round Up: Social segregation and white Working Class boys

19th May 2017

In episode #002  Dr Sam Baars talks to George Duoblys. They ask do faith schools perpetuate social social segregation? Is focusing on white working class boys helpful? Do Ofsted’s gradings for nurseries really measure the right things?

Key points

  • Early years: Kids who go to ‘outstanding’ nurseries don’t necessarily do better than those who don’t when they get to primary school.
  • Selection in the non-selective school sector. House prices drive segregation.
  • Poor kids in rich areas are still less likely to get into the areas’ best schools when compared to their  wealthier peers
  • The challenges white working class boys face are not unique to them, they are also shared by many pupils from other working class backgrounds.
  • Why evidence against grammars might not be enough to change supporters’ minds.

George and Sam also commiserate about that embarrassing moment when you realise you’re sat next to the author of a report you should have read… but haven’t.

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