#004 – Research round up: Neuro media, The Matrix and flow

16th June 2017

Episode #004 of the LKMco podcast is one for fans of technology (and possibly science fiction). Iesha and her co-host George Duoblys discuss the potential impact of neuro media on education. This is the seemless integration of technology with our brains. They also discuss the science of ‘flow’ (total immersion in a task) and how schools might cultivate it.

In this episode Iesha and George discuss

  • Potential educational implications in a future world where knowledge is embedded instantly into our brains as popularised by the film The Matrix
  • How widespread use of neuro media could make subjects like maths and languages redundant
  • If students instantly have knowledge of all facts known to mankind what is education for?
  • How the psychological theory of flow can help to explain lessons where time flies and students are totally immersed in learning
  • What teachers can do to create conditions of flow in their lessons
  • The importance of challenge in Flow

Resources/people featured or mentioned


Music Credits:  ‘Oui’ by Simon Mathewson from  and ‘Jump for joy’ by Scott Holmes both from  http://freemusicarchive.org

Producer: Iesha Small

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