#005 – CfEY LIVE: The Future of Tutoring

30th September 2022

In this episode, CfEY’s Vanessa Joshua is joined by Tom Hooper, CEO and Founder of Third Space Learning; Susannah Hardyman, CEO of Action Tutoring; Sarah Toft, Head of Tutoring at White Rose Maths; and colleague Baz Ramaiah.

At CfEY, we worked with Action Tutoring Third Space Learning, and White Rose Maths on our recentLevelling Up Tutoring’ report. In this episode, guests discuss:

  • Their thoughts on the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) in light of it coming into its third year
  • What is working well for the NTP, the changes they would like to see, and their hopes for its future
  • The Levelling Up Tutoring report and its key findings
  • The upcoming National Tutoring Summit

This November 22nd, CfEY is launching The National Tutoring Summit, a day of keynotes, panels and workshops co-hosted by White Rose Maths and in partnership with Action Tutoring, Third Space Learning, and Impetus.

The National Tutoring Summit will bring school and trust leaders together with tutoring providers, researchers, and leaders of the National Tutoring Programme to collaborate on making the NTP a success and improving the academic outcomes of disadvantaged young people.

We’ll be joined by Nick Brook, Carole Willis, Lee Elliot-Major OBE, Ian Taylor and others – sign up here now

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