#008 – Research round up: Social mobility. Age, university and employment

11th August 2017

In this episode of the LKMco podcast, Iesha explores a selection of research with Dr Sam Baars. Sam is Director of Research at LKMco.

They discuss social mobility in a variety of contexts. How some well-known employers are making their commitment to social mobility clear and why different generations have different perspectives about social mobility in the UK.

In this episode Iesha and Sam discuss

  • Do we live in a meritocracy?
  • What structures need to be in place for true social mobility
  • Why are young people paradoxically jaded and optimistic about different aspects of social mobility?
  • How can employers impact social mobility?
  • What incentives do employers have to help make a fairer society?
  • The link between graduate earnings and involvement in extra-curricular activities at university
  • Why Sam feels it’s socially unjust to consider internships when recruiting for jobs or university courses
  • And much, much more

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