#009- Cat Scutt: Teachers, research and evidence informed practice

5th October 2017

In this episode of the LKMco podcast, Iesha talks to Catt Scutt. Catt is the Director of Education and Research at the Chartered College of Teaching. In their discussion, Cat argues that even if research contradicts teachers’ “common sense” or professional judgement, they still can’t turn their back on it.

In this episode Iesha and Catt discuss

  • How the Chartered College of Teaching hopes to connect research and practice for class teachers
  • Why a network approach of regular events across the country is important to help the Chartered College of Teaching connect with the teaching profession
  • How an early sabbatical as a teacher at another school led indirectly to Cat’s current role and an interest in digital tools to help teachers learn
  • Why Cat believes that designing leadership training simulations for her PhD will help school leaders to make better decisions.
  • What’s the point of becoming a chartered teacher?
  • Why Cat feels that the public respects teachers but don’t want to become teachers
  • Where early career teachers should start if they want to be more evidence informed
  • How school leaders can create a culture that embraces evidence and research engagement at all levels.
  • Canoe polo
  • And much, much more

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Show notes and links for this episode can be found at cfey.dev/podcast/007/

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