#010 – Geoff Barton: Leadership, listening and learning

26th October 2017

Geoff Barton is General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders. He talks to Iesha about leadership, literacy, books and radio.

In this episode Iesha and Geoff discuss

  • Geoff’s love of 70s and 80s icon Noel Edmonds
  • Why his mum declared his exam results a “failure”
  • Why leaders need to ask fewer but better questions
  • Why literacy and social justice are linked for Geoff
  • Why Geoff feels that writing helps him to think
  • The newspaper article that Geoff had 20mins to write after a major disaster
  • His controversial election as general secretary of ASCL over the preferred candidate
  • Is ASCL a union that just wants to hold the status quo and be compliant with government?
  • Why Head teachers who become MAT CEOs are sometimes caught short

Resources/people featured or mentioned

Show notes and links for this episode can be found at http://cfey.org/podcast/barton/ 

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Sample of ‘Man don’t care’ by JME . “It’s nice knowing Geoff” and “flame thrower” copyright Geoff Barton

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