#015 – Ross McGill: Feedback, technology and teacher workload

25th January 2018

ross mcgill headshot

In this episode Iesha talks to Ross McGill. Ross is an experienced educator, teacher and school leader, and founded Teacher Toolkit – the most influential blog on education in the UK. Iesha and Ross discuss teacher workload, the use of technology to reduce workload, and verbal feedback.

In this episode Iesha and Ross discuss:

  • The power of verbal feedback compared to written feedback
  • The difficulties of evidencing verbal feedback
  • Technologies that can help teachers make effective use of verbal feedback
  • How much of a difference can excellent teachers make?
  • Should we get rid of Ofsted gradings?
  • ‘Minimum standard’ and peer-review alternatives to accountability
  • Ways of mobilising a collective teacher voice to influence policy
  • The skills that teachers can call on if they’re thinking of leaving the profession

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