#022 – Emma Sheppard: MTPT Project

21st June 2018

In this episode Iesha talks to Emma Sheppard from the Maternity Teacher/Paternity Teacher Project. Iesha and Emma discuss why Emma founded the project; how Emma felt shame as a working mother; men’s choices when they become parents; the impact of government policy on parents and why Emma thinks it is important to emphasise parents’ choice in regards to their careers. Iesha and Emma are also joined by a very special guest: Emma’s daughter Lucy.


In this episode Iesha and Emma:

  • Explain the need for the MTPT project
  • Reflect on how parenting has helped Emma in the classroom
  • Reveal why Emma set up the MTPT project
  • Examine the negative impact of societal expectations for mothers
  • Highlight the MTPT project’s success so far
  • Respond to criticisms of the MTPT project
  • Explore gender stereotyping
  • Highlight how fathers’ choices are disabled by government policies
  • Examine school support for people going through IVF
  • Consider how schools should support women who have had miscarriages
  • Discuss how to make Saturday conferences accessible for parents
  • Chew over how parent teachers are treated in schools
  • Consider the relationship between parenthood and teacher retention
  • Reveal Emma’s thoughts about Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique



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