#023- Bart Shaw: Mentoring

5th July 2018

In this episode Sam talks to LKMco’s Bart Shaw about his recent research on mentoring (Forging Futures Through Mentoring). Sam and Bart discuss the research findings; mentoring’s popularity; the positives and risks associated with mentoring and key recommendations for mentors, mentoring programmes, schools and policy-makers.

In this episode Sam and Bart:

  • Reveal which phases of education Bart most enjoyed
  • Discuss LKMco’s report ‘Forging Futures Through Mentoring: A Risk Worth Pursuing’
  • Consider the popularity of mentoring
  • Chew over Bart’s experience as a mentor
  • Explore different forms of mentoring
  • Explain the definition of mentoring
  • Map out how the research was conducted
  • Recognise the limitations of this research
  • Highlight mentoring’s popularity in London
  • Reflect on the Independent Visitor’s Scheme
  • Discuss how mentoring is used in schools
  • Consider what makes a successful mentor
  • Highlight the importance of mentor/mentee relationships
  • Reveal the risks mentoring can present to vulnerable young people
  • Stress the importance of research for mentoring programmes
  • Summarise best practise for mentoring programmes
  • Consider why support and training for mentors is important
  • Discuss the positive impact mentoring can have
  • Reveal what Bart would change about his actions as a mentor

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