#026 – Dr Sam Baars and Iesha Small: Conducting a Research Project (part 2)

16th August 2018

In this episode, Sam and Iesha continue their discussion about the early phases of conducting a research project. Their discussion focuses on research design, conducting a literature review and establishing research questions. They also talk about the ‘nuts and bolts’ of a research design, including choosing quantitative or qualitative methods and evaluate the benefits of both.


In this episode Sam and Iesha:

  • Reflect on whether research questions can change during a research project
  • Highlight the importance of research questions
  • Examine the relationship between a literature review and research questions
  • Explore our recent research for the Department for Education
  • Evaluate different social research methods
  • Consider why it’s important for new social research to build on existing literature
  • Chew over the standard model of physics
  • Pick apart the Department for Education’s conclusions about Good/Outstanding schools
  • Discuss the benefits of qualitative research
  • Highlight how important transparency is in qualitative research
  • Explain what quantitative research is useful for
  • Discuss how causal claims can be established through quantitative research
  • Evaluate what research shows us about grammar schools
  • Pick apart the shortcomings of quantitative studies in the education sector


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