#006 – CFEY LIVE: Key findings from the FEA Report Card 2022

30th November 2022

In this episode, CfEY’s Vanessa Joshua is joined by Janeen Hayat, Director of Collective Action at the Fair Education Alliance (FEA), and colleague Baz Ramaiah.

At CfEY, we are thrilled to have worked with the FEA to write part of their 2022 Report Card. This year the Report Card not only looks at the state of the education sector over the last year, but also explores changes over the last decade.

In this episode, Vanessa, Janeen, and Baz discuss:

  • The five impact goals outlined in the report and the key findings
  • The report’s recommendations and the barriers to progress
  • The changes we have seen over the last decade
  • How the research and key recommendations align with other research at CfEY, in particular, the work we’re doing to train a cohort of Young Expert Citizens
  • Reforms we are calling for in light of the findings

Please note if you’re an FEA member and you’re interested in working with others on any of the themes discussed in this podcast, you can email [email protected]. 

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