#024 – Eleanor Bernardes: Networking and professional relationships

16th July 2018

In this episode Iesha talks to our very own Eleanor Bernardes from LKMco. Eleanor is a Senior Associate at LKMco, who’s work draws together a broad range of expertise across education, the arts and business development. Iesha and Eleanor discuss how networking can be perceived; how Eleanor has developed a strategic approach to developing networks; the value networking has in building professional relationships and what tactics may help people build wider and more valuable networks.


In this episode Iesha and Eleanor:

  • Explain how Eleanor defines networking
  • Talk about why networking is so important to the work LKMco do
  • Reveal how Eleanor’s background has led to her current success in networking
  • Examine how Eleanor approaches networking situations and opportunities in an effective way
  • Highlight the similarities between building personal and professional networks
  • Respond to thoughts on the concept of networking carrying negative connotations
  • Explore how valuable having different networks can be for support – ‘Networking for wellbeing’
  • Highlight how their personal experiences have affected their current approach to building relationships
  • Examine how we think of networking and the language we use around it
  • Consider the differences between how men and women approach networking opportunities
  • Recognise that networking can suffer in favour of other priorities and how that can impact career success
  • Contemplate how people in power can widen their networks to better include minorities or those who might not otherwise have been on their radar – breaking out of their echo chamber
  • Discuss the theory behind network sponsorship
  • Reveal tactics that can help to develop successful long-term relationships

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